About Us

Parrilla Energy was founded in 2001 to bring a true utility-scale renewable energy solution to market.

Our progressive team of engineers led by our CEO Mr. Lowrance has developed a new type of solar updraft tower. Their forward thinking has allowed Parrilla Energy to develop new ways of looking at energy, its distribution, and its use to bring a sustainable green solution to market.

Mr. Lowrance has always believed that our current renewable energy sources are merely a supplement to our oil-based electrical production methods instead of a replacement of them.

Prior to forming Parrilla Energy, Mr. Lowrance was the Director of Western Hemisphere Operations for the Stewart/Charles Group. Mr Lowrance oversaw all consulting operations in North, Central, and South America pertaining to energy usage, land usage, natural resource replenishment, and government operations.

Mr. Lowrance resides in Sacramento with his wife Janell.